“Tune In and Dial Out:” B2B Cold Calling Tips

Lemarchand shares advice on overcoming the fear of making cold calls, how to connect with the prospect and, ultimately, win the sale.


Want to see more return from B2B cold calling? A new book offers advice to get you over your “fear of the phone” and help you approach cold calling with confidence. Liz Lemarchand, chief operating officer of MediaDev and frequent contributor to, and podcast guest of, DevPro Journal, released  “Tune In and Dial Out,” a quick read filled with real-life examples that you can apply to see better outcomes.

In the course of her 25-year career in tech industry B2B marketing, Lemarchand has enabled many software vendors around the world to increase their sales and grow their businesses. She believes old-school B2B cold calling is the quickest way to get sales leads HubSpot agrees. About half of all buyers prefer cold calling as the first point of contact. Also, according to Salesforce, 92 percent of customer interactions take place on the phone.

Of course, B2B cold calling takes the right skills, and Lemarchand comments that mastering them can also help you in other areas of your business.

Keys to B2B Cold Calling

Lemarchand, who began her career cold calling and launched the startup Devinsider in 2022, is a prolific writer and has taught master’s-level leadership and marketing courses. She also hosts a podcast with guests who speak to a range of marketing trends. Lemarchand showcases her thought leadership in an online Masterclass and now offers software companies advice on B2B cold calling in this book.

Tune In and Dial Out has seven chapters that center on essential B2B cold-calling skills:

  • Stop Being Scared of the Phone
  • Know Your Buyer Personas
  • Showing Up to Give
  • Crafting Attention-Grabbing Pitches
  • Mirroring Instead of Counter-Arguing
  • Leaving Voicemails and Follow-Up Messages
  • Leveraging Omni-Channel Outreach

A Few Hours that Can Lead to Business Growth

Knowing your time is valuable, Lemarchand writes in a condensed, to-the-point style. She also helps you make the most of your time putting the principles in the book into practice.  “By focusing on what you are giving instead of worrying about what you are getting, you will change the dynamic and energy you bring into the conversation,” she comments.  And the methods she offers will help you relate to the person on the other end of the line.

Book reviews confirm that B2B cold calling pain points are common among tech companies, such as, “Let’s face it, most of us would prefer facing the proverbial firing squad than make a cold call,” one reader writes. “Lemarchand shares her tips on overcoming the dread of making cold calls; how to connect/relate to the customer and get a YES from your target.”

Tune In and Dial Out is a quick read that you can complete on an evening off, a flight, or in bite-sized portions during your commute. Lemarchand offers free coaching and a discount code for her Essentials to Lead Generation Masterclass to people who order the book.

While you won’t transform into an expert B2B cold caller overnight, Lemarchand says the book “provides instant pain relief for the most common challenges people face when dialing out.”

Learn more at https://www.mediadev.com/tune-in-and-dial-out-how-to-win-at-b2b-cold-calling/

Bernadette Wilson

Bernadette Wilson, a DevPro Journal contributor, has 19 years of experience as a journalist, writer, editor, and B2B marketer.

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Bernadette Wilson

Bernadette Wilson, a DevPro Journal contributor, has 19 years of experience as a journalist, writer, editor, and B2B marketer.